Shipping Policy

Delivery Policy
What is a Digital Download?

A digital download is described as a product which will be delivered to you secure digital download , Microsoft direct download link  and key code will be  emailed , giving you access to download the product you have purchased within in 30 mins or max couple of hrs depending upon order queue .  Installation guaranteed  

How soon after purchase will I receive my software?

Upon receipt of your order, we will send an order confirmation email. If you have already paid you will receive separate emails. The first email will contain your Order dispatch and the second email will contain a download link for your products, as well as the licence keys you've purchased. The product delivery is done by Email . If you have not received any of the above mentioned emails you can contact us at:
Order confirmation is immediate.
Codes and are dispatch within some time of your payment.
Fulfilment of your order and allocation of the products will be done within few  hours of your payment.

How can I be certain that my copy of Microsoft Office is legitimate?

Digital-Zone encourages all customers to register their email address with their specific Microsoft Product Key through the Microsoft online activation to ensure verification and tracking of their authentic software. By doing this you will know the Microsoft Office product you have purchased is 100% legitimate.
In case you are experiencing difficulties with viewing or downloading your purchased product you can contact us at: For common questions you can check our FAQ section: